FIX: Laptop Reset

Here are a few simple steps that can help fix your laptop restart issue.

Swipe in from each right edge of the screen, select Filter Systems, Settings, then tap Change PC Settings.Alternatively, tap or click Update, Recovery, then simply tap or click Recovery.In the Remove everything and reinstall Windows section, tap or click Get Started.Follow these on-screen instructions.

reset the laptop

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Part 1. Overview Of Data Loss After Factory Reset

“My Dell laptop was seriously infected due to – unknown malware and viruses, and the antivirus software did not help in the end “I hope this was the last time I did a Dell factory reset. Unfortunately, many apps, data, and personal files were deleted after the factory reset. Can I restore them using data recovery software?” – EaseUS

About The Start Menu

If your laptop has been suffering from crashing issues such as the Start Menu, Windows 8 will usually display an automatic repair screen when a problem occurs, so you can try to repair the damage from there and proceed with restoring factory defaults. Various laptop manufacturers provide the number F key as an entry to the boot menu, and this guide differs with a label that is used on all of your laptops. HP laptops use the F11 key, while Dell computers use the F8 key. Check with the manufacturer of your laptop or tablet for a specific key and press it several times while the laptop is trying to boot to open the boot menu.

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